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It is an undertaking of Pablo Hernández, whose mission is to group a large part of his work in relation to Integrations, therapies, spiritual content, writings, letters, alliances, and the result of his years of pro-soul dedication.

In each unit you have access to exclusive content by PH. under the philosophy of integrating the soul in the processes of change.  

In the  interactive therapies are sought  that the user inquires into their personal issues and can see beyond their mind. Each  Related product is for the soul to be in active mode and integrate it with the body  physical and mental.


Pablo L. Hernández P.
  • Master integrator

  • Writer and Speaker

  • Director of PH Counseling  

  • Creative and Spiritual Tech Content Generator.

  • Integrator Trainer  

  • CEO PH Group.


They are women and men, formed under the philosophy of life, as is the integration of the soul.

By being certified as integrators or facilitators, they are at the service to integrate with each user of the products for the soul of

ph group.  

Each one (or) from their gift in exercise, manages to be for the people who need it in their human-spiritual progress.

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